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PROTECT what you have now

PROSPER in the future

Finance, Admin, Marketing, Occupancy, Wellbeing,

Staffing, Safeguarding, Parents & Your Community

What You'll Discover:

How to PROTECT & PROSPER: Tiny Books to guide you from FINANCE to OCCUPANCY and WELLBEING

TINY BOOKS are to help you focus on how to keep your business afloat (PROTECT) and also to sail into paradise (PROSPER).


Recognise what you do well and what you have achieved. It could be more than you think and provides a basis for future prosperity.


Protect your reputation, staff happiness, waiting lists and more by checking that you have everything covered.

Time to Reflect

Use your time with your Tiny Book to think about things differently and get to grips with some useful ideas that you may not yet have thought of.


The early years sector is in crisis, but that's nothing new. What is new is this support for you to carve out prosperity and not just survival.

Catherne Lyon Early Years Expert

Catherine Lyon – Founder & Director, sparkearlyyears

As early years people ourselves, we want to support you through tough times and have co-developed some Tiny Books to PROTECT & PROSPER. These were written during the 2020 lockdowns but as the early years sector remains in crisis, Tiny Books remain an invaluable resource to any EYFS provision. Choose from one of 9 free titles and PROSPER today.” 

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